Our Story

Premium service runs in our blood.

Wazobia African Market is one of those great American success stories! But the real story began in Lagos, Nigeria where a young boy, Tunde Fasina was getting a grip of the intricacies of the service industry in his mother’s retail shop. By the time Tunde was 12 years old, he was a full-fledged employee of the shop and a favorite of several customers. The home-grown education gained as a member of an entrepreneurial family honed Tunde’s passion for customer service and after his graduation from University, he found a path back to his first love: the retail and service industry. With over 30 years spent in retail and service establishments in Nigeria and the USA, Tunde’s extensive experience in, and love for premium service soon birthed the Wazobia African Market.

Tunde recognized the appeal of a grocery store that evokes memories of the homeland, serviced by people with a common heritage and providing access to products Africans grew up enjoying. He extensively studied the landscape and found out how Nigerians got their food supplies. He discovered that there was a market for a store where Africans could get products that were relative to them. At the time, he was working with a retail store that tried to do just that, but he soon saw gaps that he knew he could fill by adding his person