Giving Back: Wazobia African Market in the Community

The Wazobia brand is the realization of my dream of creating something that is primarily Nigerian-African which symbolizes what Africans are like when they come together. It represents the power of a dream. It is a blueprint that I hope will serve as inspiration for more Africans to make a difference in their communities. Our hands are always stretched out to welcome as many people as are willing to create meaningful structures that will being hope, growth and advancement to their communities

Tunde Fasina

Founder, Wazobia AfricanMarket

At Wazobia African Market, we are committed to helping our communities grow and thrive. Because we had to struggle to get to where we are today, we understand the impact and value of getting the right support and grasping a helping hand at the right time. We strive to enhance the quality of people’s lives by adding value to our communities and giving back to the next generation.

We take our duty to show appreciation to those who have helped us grow from the tiny acorn to the giant oak tree very seriously. Without our employees, customers and the communities that support our growth, we would be nothing but a shop and a window.

We have always offered and continuously improve our community services through exclusive benefits, services and grants. In 2019, the Mayor of Houston presented us with a recognition award for our dedication to community support in Houston. Our philanthropic key areas are Hunger Relief, Disaster Relief, Support for Black Communities and Youth Development. Here’s a brief outline of some of the different ways we help the communities we are privileged to serve:

Annual Fun Fair:

We invite members of our communities to our Fun Fair to enjoy meals on the house throughout the day and participate in fun activities with opportunities to win various free gifts and giveaways.

Relief Efforts:

We support the vulnerable people in our communities and support disaster relief efforts by providing groceries, food packs and other support to affected communities.

Employee Support programs:

We hire people so they can stand up on their own. Our dedicated employees know that we will be a partner in their progress beyond the role they play at our stores.


We support a number of charitable causes. Our Donation Request team receive hundreds of requests yearly, interview prospects and make recommendations for financial support for a variety of causes with a substantial yearly budget.